21 Things to Know Before Getting a Dog

In most of us there is an animal lover hidden inside, but sometimes this love can lead us to take some decisions which include bringing up a pet in our house. While you bring up a dog go in your home for furry snuggles and unlimited love but it is very important to keep in mind few things before you make them a part of your family.

21 Things to Know Before Getting a Dog

  1. Commitment: When we introduce a dog to our family, we are making a lifetime commitment as animals create a strong bond instantly. So if there happens to be any changes in your ownership then it can be harmful for your pets.
  2. Take time before deciding: Dogs are something which cannot be resisted and even more if they seem to be cute little furry puppies. But it is best to not take any decisions hastily. Ask yourself various questions before getting or adopting a dog.
  3. Dog handling is expensive: Just like humans, ownership of dogs is quite expensive. Expenses include food, other grooming supplies and regular veterinary care.
  4. Time and availability is a must: Owning a dog will need your time and availability as they require a lot of attention and care.
  5. Neuter your pup: Today due to deficit of homes and care units many puppies are put to sleep. So it is better if you would make your pup neuter than killing it.
  6. Check on allergies: Before owning a dog it is helpful to check if any of the family members or even you are allergic to dogs or not. As it will effect both.
  7. Brushing teeth is necessary: Dogs too need their teeth to be brushed on a regular basis for health purposes.
  8. Trim the nails regularly: If nails are not trimmed then our furry friends may have problem in walking or playing around, and sometimes it may lead to problems in their nervous system too.
  9. Lots and lots of brushing: Wash your dog’s fur with prescribed shampoo and try making it a routine of brushing your pet’s fur in regular intervals of time. This helps in the smooth circulation of blood.
  10. Joyful mood: Dogs are always in a great mood and loves playing with toys. Keep some time apart for your dog to play with which will encourage the bond.
  11. Check its food: There are food items that humans eat but they may be poisonous to our dogs. So it is a good habit to keep an eye on whatever your pup is munching on.
  12. Remove pest completely: Use medication for removing the fleas and ticks that seem to be a normal thing your dog might get.
  13. Train your pup: It is best to train your puppy as soon as it starts to show some signs of communication. This is the utmost thing what makes the dog a behaved one.
  14. Go for walks: Regulars walks will help both you and your dog stay fit and healthy. Maintaining this on a daily basis would increase the energy level of both.
  15. Do not leave your dog alone: Try not to make the dog lonely as it is traumatic to your pup if it doesn’t see you once in a while.
  16. Do not chain outside: Never leave your dog chained outside all alone as it is dangerous for your dog to ask for help if it faces any problem.
  17. Gift accessories: Buy various accessories that your dog is comfortable with so that it feels no less than a member of the family. Buy a name tag for your dog so that it may be returned if lost.
  18. Provide good veterinary care: It is very important to check up with the vet regularly. They cannot say out their concern so it’s best to take them to someone who can help.
  19. Make a bed: Train your dog to sleep in its own bed. Try making the bed comfortable enough for it to go and rest there.
  20. Socializing: Allow your pup to mix with other animals or humans so that it doesn’t become aggressive towards others.
  21. Be sure: Lastly, after reading this, be very sure about your thoughts before you bring that tiny puppy to your home.


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