6 Tips for Catching Water Turtles

Turtle catching for fun as a recreational activity or an outing to enjoy with family and friends is fine; but you should not hurt the turtle or any other wildlife in the process. Besides catching turtles for this reason, some may want to remove unwanted turtles from their pond.

In either case, if you believe it is very easy to catch the turtle since they are slow, then you are wrong. Turtles get spooked or scared very easily and this may make their pace rise, hence making it difficult to catch them. Following given are some tips so that capturing the turtle may become a little easier:

tips for catching water turtles

  • If you are planning to locate and catch a water turtle the tip would be to do so on a day the sun is out. This is because of a behavioral fact- that- turtles tend to be more active on sunny days as against cold, dark and stormy days. It is also easier for you to look out for and catch the turtle if there is ample light.
  • Instead of a turtle trap like digging in the ground you can also get a turtle net. This particular net is a more sturdy kind of net and you should prefer the one that has a comfortable handle sort of thing. It will be easier to catch a turtle in the net if you are not good at building a trap anyways.
  • In case, you want to build a trap to capture the turtle first begin by locating it. Once that it is done, dig a whole near the around the where turtle is located and put in bait like leafy veggies or insects etc.
  • If it is neither possible for you to build a trap nor to build a trap you can opt for a pre- made trap in the market. There are many places where you can find a suitable trap that just needs to be placed to capture the turtle.
  • When digging the trap or buying one, make sure that the trap is neither too deep nor too broad for the turtle. In case it is, there is a possibility that falling into the trap might hurt the turtle. You surely would not want that to happen, so be cautious.
  • Slow and quite movements are the key to catching the turtle. So make sure that you are moving as slowly and with as much caution as possible to not spook the turtle at all.


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