Best Ways to Take Care of a Pregnant Rabbit

Rabbits are very cute and loving pets to have around but as a rabbit owner, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. While they may look cute and adorable, there is a lot of work that goes around to keep them healthy, safe, well maintained and well fed. The responsibilities tend to increase a bit more when the female rabbit or doe gets pregnant.  You must know how to take care of her not just during the pregnancy but also after it. The following are a few ways you can do so:

ways to take care of a pregnant rabbitProvide Proper and Complete Nutrition to the Rabbit

A rabbit pregnancy goes on for about 33 to 35 days in most cases and throughout this period, you will need to provide complete and proper nutrition to the doe.  During this phase, the doe will need special diet changes and you must ensure she is getting proper nutrients and adequate diet. Give her a lot of clean water and plenty of fresh food.  Include foods like carrots, celery, cucumber, stacks of hay and tomatoes etc. Also mix up vegetables in the form of a salad and give her daily.

Give a Nest Box

A nest box is a kind of an enclosure where the rabbit will give birth and will provide care to the new born rabbit.  Since new born rabbits are deaf, blind and naked, they do not have the ability to regulate their body’s ’temperature until they turn 7.  These boxes provide them with the much needed aid and can be bought from pet stores easily.  The box must be given to the doe in the last week of pregnancy.

Be Aware of the Various Pregnancy Related Problems with Rabbits

If you are aware of the health or medical problems faced by rabbits during their pregnancy, only then can you help them avoid them or treat them.  Some common pregnancy related medical problems among rabbits include mastitis, pregnancy toxemia and killing her young.

Know about Kindling

Kindling is something which is referred to as the delivery or birth of the rabbit.  You must know that kindling occurs at the morning time and mostly happens very quickly.  Rabbits can be born both head and feet first and in order to care for boththe mother and the baby you must know what exactly happens.  In some cases, the labor period can also go on for a day or two at stretch.


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