Pet Frogs Can Be Behind a Salmonella Outbreak

What is salmonella and how could people get infected with this disease? The symptoms of salmonella include stomach cramping, dehydration, diarrhea, high fever and vomiting. According to the common belief the major source of salmonella is food, usually meat or chicken eggs.

The scientists have found another source of infection as well, one that the majority of people wouldn’t have thought of: frogs. Although these animals are said to be great pets for children and for older people, the majority of them carry the salmonella bacteria.

Pet FrogsThe easiest way to get infected is to get in contact with the feces of the animal, or to get in contact with an object that has been in contact with pet frog feces.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t get alarmed and you shouldn’t ban frogs from your home. You just have to make sure that you take all the measures to protect your health.

Measures of prevention include washing your hands after you have handled any kind of frog. In this case it isn’t enough just to rinse your hand with hot water. Make sure that you also use antibacterial soap and you should scrub your hands thoroughly.

To be certain that you wash your hands long enough, you can be sing:”Happy Birthday” while doing it. Naturally you don’t have to sing it out loud.

The majority of the people who are infected with salmonella, on a yearly basis, are children, and according to certain specialists, the kids under 5 shouldn’t be allowed to touch these animals.

In case you have a frog as a pet, you should make sure that the cage doesn’t get in the kitchen or anywhere else where it might get in contact with the food.

Despite the fact that many people think that the frog they get at a pet store doesn’t have the bacteria, they could be wrong.


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