Best Snakes to Have As Pets

There are numerous animals that can be kept as pet. Usually people think about cats and dogs, but there are some other kinds of animals as well that you should take into consideration.

While the majority of people prefer those pets that have fur and at least two legs, others prefer reptiles, like snakes. The first question that you have to ask yourself when getting a new snake is regarding the kind of snake you would like. After this you could be wondering about how to care for the animal, what to feed it with, and so on.

Snake as PetThere are numerous kinds of snakes that are usually considered to be good pets and they do not represent any kind of danger to the owner. There are some factors that you should take into consideration before deciding upon the kind of snake that would be suitable for you.

The first factor might be the size of the animal. Some owners like the smaller snakes that fit into a small terrarium. Others prefer the larger animals, which they could carry wrapped around their shoulders.

The different kinds of snakes as pets also have different levels of need regarding care and their diet. In case you don’t have a lot of time, then you might want to choose a breed that doesn’t require too much attention.

On the other hand, in case you would like to invest more time in the care of the animal, you could choose a breed that requires additional attention.

The life span of the pet is also important. There are some snakes that will live for about fifty years, while there are some others as well that typically don’t live more than twenty.

Once you managed to answer the questions mentioned, most probably you will know what breed to choose. One of the most well known breeds is the garter snake. This kind of snake is smaller than the ones people usually keep as pets. Its total length is of about three feet, but this doesn’t mean that it needs little care. Actually, it might take you quite some time to get used to caring for this animal.

If you are looking for the most popular snake, then get a corn snake. The majority of the snake owners have one of these. This breed is the most suitable for those people who don’t really know a lot of things regarding caring for snakes. The corn snake is considered to be the most domesticated breed.

It is really easy to care for the animal, even in case you only know the bare minimum. The total length of the animal is of about five feet, and since they are quite thin, they aren’t considered to be big animals. They also come in a wide range of colors, so you can be sure to find at least one that you will like.

Other popular breeds include the kingsnake and the ball python. The care for these breeds isn’t that difficult either, so a beginner might learn it quickly.


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