Foods That Maybe Responsible For Fur Shedding Of Your Pets

This article is dedicated to your adorable, furry little babies who have started to shed fur for the bits and pieces of food that you feed them from under the dining table. It is really just ordinary food, seemingly harmless and tasty too, but consumption of such food has sad consequences for your pet like shedding of fur, skin diseases and worse, if it goes unchecked.

Here is a list of food and food ingredients to avoid strictly in order to check fur shedding

Foods That Maybe Responsible For Fur Shedding Of Your Pets

1. Sugar and Salt

Do not sprinkle your pet dog’s food with salt. Refrain from indulging them in desserts or sugary food items. Salt and sugar are harmful for your pets and results in fur loss.

2. Corn

Avoid corn as most pets are allergic to it. Corn gives skin rashes and allergy which leads to rapid loss of fur.

3. Richly spicy food

Spice is a big NO. Spicy food items derogate your pet’s fur coat and before you know it, all his smooth fur has fallen off.

4. Eggs

Several breeds of dogs are hypersensitive to eggs, especially to egg yolk. Do not feed eggs in any form, whether fried, boiled or raw, as eating it gives them itchy skin and causes fur shedding too. The pet also contracts food poisoning from consuming raw eggs.

5. Onion

Avoid adding onions to your pet’s meals. The juice of this vegetable is detrimental for your pet’s health and well being. It causes gastrointestinal damage and rapid hair loss.

6. Dates

If you want your pet animal to retain its rich coat of fur, then stop feeding them dried or moist dates.

7. Chocolate

This is one food item that we often throw at our pets. Chocolate contains a harmful chemical called the obromine. It also contains caffeine. These chemicals, when ingested, results in fur loss and skin allergies in your furry pets.

8. Garlic

Same as onion, your furry pets find garlic juice to be intolerable. Avoid adding garlic and onion to their daily meals to ensure a thick and smooth fur coat. Onions and garlic cause an aemia in cats.

9. Dairy products

See a cat and offer him a saucer of milk. But stop, because most breeds of the feline are intolerant to the lactose enzyme. Their digestive juices fail to process and digest milk and dairy products like butter and cheese. Such food items result in digestive problems, acidity and consequent fur shedding.

10. Raisins and grapes

These two fruits when ingested in the smallest of quantities, cause damage to the pet’s renal system, resulting in excretory disorders, irregular bowel movement and rapid shedding of fur.

11. Yeast dough

Make sure that your furry pet does not eat any sort of yeast dough as this causes swelling of abdomen which is terribly painful. It causes food poisoning, which in turn leads to hair loss and decaying of the furry coat.

12. Nuts

Nuts, like almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts and pecans, are rich in fats and oils. The fat content causes nausea and diarrhoea and other digestive disorders resulting in fur loss.


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