5 Things To Remember While Treating Rescued or Stray Dogs

The misery of stray or neglected dogs is that they have never had what we call a home. Stray dogs are neglected and treated as if they are anuisance to the society. But, honestly, they are as good as any pet dog you might have, and deserve all the love and affection which you give away to pet dogs.

If you ever find theheart to save a stray or neglected dog, it will be a great deed you would eventually feel very proud of. However, when treating stray dogs, you cannot be careless and subject them to any kind of treatment. There are a few things you should keep in mind when dealing with such dogs—and in this article, we have noted down 5 tips which might be of some help.

5 Things To Remember While Treating Rescued or Stray Dogs

1. Take the dog to a vet

Your priority should be the immediate treatment of the dog, and hence, you should promptly take the dog to a vet. The vet will be in a position to tell whether the dog has been subject to cruelty or has been neglected for way too long. Apart from these, you should be well-acquainted with other medical details about the dog to ensure it gets the best treatment.

2. Consider professional grooming

Stray dogs, especially the rescued ones, are in immediate need of grooming. While many of them only require a bath and brushing, there are types which are extremely matted. Removal of matted fur is a tricky task and should be left to the professionals.

Professional grooming also helps in restoring confidence in dogs and assures them that they will no longer be mistreated—something which is absolutely important!

3. Removal of parasites

Removal of parasites is important, but to do that you might have to muzzle your dog. Stray dogs are usually aggressive or jittery, and therefore, you might end up needing a muzzle, just in case. Then, comb or brush the dog to eliminate parasites, and do this job outdoors.

If the vet has administered a treatment such as Frontline, it is highly advised to not bathe the dog for about 48 hours. Stick to the guidelines provided by the vet to do the removal right.

4. Safety

Stray or rescued dogs are nervous when brought in an alien environment, and hence, you must ease them. For starters, feed them adequately and quench their thirst. You should feed the dog little and often, and avoid giving them a full-sized meal in one go as it might upset the stomach of a dog who has never eaten enough in life.

Provide them a comfortable place to sleep. Wraparound them a soft blanket and keep them warm. You should consider giving them a spacious room to prevent them from feeling claustrophobic.

You can do a number of things for the dog to make it feel safe and assured. These dogs have been long deprived of comfort and ethical treatment, and you should keep in mind their needs all the time.

5. Emotional support

You should give love to the dog. Never leave its side and try establishing a bond with it. Such bond can be achieved by making a daily schedule for you and the dog, walking the dog outdoors and playing with it, etc. Love is what these dogs need, and you can easily afford some of it.


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