Ways to Encourage your Dog to Drink Water

Why is your Dog not Drinking Enough Water?

Many of you may have faced the problem of your dog not drinking enough water. Some of you may have even got tips from friends to solve this problem. But the first step is to understand what the problem with your dog is and why it is not drinking enough water. Here are some probable reasons:

encourage your dog to drink water

  • Has your dog been suffering from an illness and is now recovering? If that is the case then that may be the reason why the water intake is less.
  • Find out if there is an ailment that is troubling your dog. You may not be aware of something that is dog is suffering from and that is causing it to drink less water.
  • It may also happen that you have moved from one place to another or you have gone on a vacation and taken your dog along with you. The change of place and environment may not have suited your dog and that is why it has stopped drinking ample amount of water.
  • Have you changed your dog’s food? Maybe that is the reason your dog is drinking less.

Now that you have an idea about the probable causes why your dog is drinking less water, it is time to find out how you can increase the water intake of your dog

How to Increase your Dog’s Water Intake?

  • Sometimes dog do not like the bowl they are drinking from. Change their bowl to see a difference.
  • Many a times the main problem may be that the bowl is not clean. Remember to clean the bowl regularly. This will also help to increase the water intake of the dog.
  • Get a pet water fountain for your pet. It will not only amuse them but will also enable them to drink fresh water.
  • Increase water content in their food. This way they will get their regular water intake.
  • If your dog is recovering you can give them chicken broth and carrot juice instead of water. This will help to nourish them as well as give them water that they need.
  • Try adding some crushed ice in their water. They like to chew the ice cubes.
  • In between meals you can give them a small snack like a smoothie or yoghurt. This will increase their water intake greatly.

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