Dog Sickness Symptoms

Having a sick dog is all pet owners’ nightmare. This is why it is important to know about the dog sickness symptoms. Although dogs can’t talk, they can communicate with you in other ways. If you really know your dog, you will be able to find what’s wrong with him.

Dog Sickness Symptoms

Behavioral changes

One of the most common signs of sickness is lethargy. Usually sick dogs lie in a curled position in quiet.

If the dog is in pain, he could be restless and irritable, and he may pant, dig, hide, or tremble. Abdominal pain makes the dogs bow and stretch.

Eating, drinking, and elimination

As one of the common signs of dog sickness, the dog loses his appetite. However, some of the health problems can increase the appetite of the dog. Increased urination and thirst indicates that there is a problem with the kidneys of the dog.

Vomiting and regurgitating

When looking for dog sickness symptoms, you should be thinking about vomiting and regurgitating. Regurgitating indicates an esophageal problem, while vomiting indicates blockage or poisoning. This is something that should make you visit your vet.


This one of the dog sickness signs can indicate nervousness, food sensitivity, change in water or diet, infections, intestinal parasites, poisoning and numerous other kinds of health problems. If there is blood in the stool, is suggests a problem of the lower intestinal tract.


The pet owners interested in the dog sickness symptoms ought to know that the most common cause of coughing is the presence of foreign objects. However, it might also indicate tracheal collapse, kennel cough, tumors, heart disease, and other conditions.

Gum color

One of the warning signs of dog sickness include pale gums, indicating anemia, poor circulation, or shock. Bluish gums indicate lack of oxygen, while red gums could mean carbon monoxide poisoning or overheating. Red splotches can also appear on the gums, which mean a problem with blood clotting. The gum and tooth problems can lead to pain and bad breath.

It is important for all dog owners to keep an eye out for the dog sickness symptoms. In severe cases the vigilance of the owner may save the life of the dog. If you think there is something wrong with your pet, take him to the vet as soon as possible. In this case time is not on your side, so you have to move quickly.


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