The 6 Most Exotic Cat Breeds you may have Never Seen Before

Yes, cats may be one of the most popular pet options across the world but the cats we pet at home are just few of the species or breeds. There are hundreds of cat varieties and species in the world, most of which are very exotic and rare.

There are some extraordinary cat breeds which display fascinating features-both physical and behavioral and are rather interesting to know. The following is a list of the 6 most exotic car breeds which you may have never heard about or seen before.

1. Savannah Cat


This is a relatively newly discovered cat species and is a mixed breed of a domestic cat and serval.  It can weight upto 30 pounds and is a very loyal and social cat.  It is not very easy to develop this breed and it takes many years for the resultant mix of both breeds to be born.  Thus the price for this breed is also very high and reaches upto $2000.

2. Cornish Rex

cornish rex

What makes this an exotic variety or breed of cats is that unlike other cats, it has only one layer of hair called down hair.  This is why this breed is soft like a teddy bear and totally irresistible to touch.  This breed is not adaptive to live outdoors and love to spend time in places that are warm.  These are very playful little cats.

3. Sphinx


This is yet another very unusual breed but still has many admirers. These are furless cats which have heavenly blue eyes. They are very active cats which have a very sweet temper.

4. Laperm


Another very exotic cat breed that you must know about is Laperm.  These are calm, friendly and moderate cats which do not show any extremes and are not as soft as they may look.  These cats can trigger sharp allergic reactions among those who have dander allergy.

5. Scottish Fold

scottish fold

The folded ears of this breed makes it yet another exotic cat breed.  These cats look like owls and are very soft and plush animals. They keep lying in unusual but funny positions and have many admirers.

6. Khao Manee

khao manee

These are very peculiar cats which have odd eyes and are usually white in colour. They are ideal to be domestic cats and love cuddling up in the laps of their owners.


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