Furballs that Cost a Fortune

A dog has long been considered a man’s best companion, but today cats have become the most adorable and popular pet in the world. These furry animals turn out to be good pets because of their independent traits and cleanliness. They are loved by people across all ages, as they turn out to be excellent companions whether you are at your home or outside, going for a walk or enjoying your time in a park.

Cats generally differ in their looks and nature, so choosing one depends on your own preference. However, you might also indulge in furry feline beings for their luxury status by keeping only the ones that are super expensive as pets.  The unbelievable price for this animal is brought about generally due to an exceptional combination of its beauty and rarity. Given here is a list of some of the most expensive cat breeds:

1. Ashera

asheraThe price of this breed cat varies from $15,000 to $100,000. Ashera, probably the rarest cat in the world, and the most expensive, is a hybrid of the African Serval. It is also the domestic housecat and the Asian leopard cat in genre. The common traits of this cat are its intelligence, loyalty, affectionate and hypoallergenic behaviour. However, the authenticity of the Ashera breed is under question, as DNA testing of the only apparent examples of “Ashera” cats proves it to be Savannah cats, which are being sold at a higher price.

2.  Savannah

savannahThe cost of this breed ranges from $1,500 to $50,000. This domestic hybrid cat breed being a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat has a coat resembling that of a leopard. Also, besides being exceptionally intelligent and inquisitive, their loyalty can even be compared with those of dogs. It is large and slim with an appearance of imposing size. But, if you buy this cat, special precautions need to be taken because of the Savannah’s remarkable leaping ability. However, it turns out to be a sociable cat if it is exposed to people and other pets while growing up.

3. Bengal

bengalCosting in between $1,000 to $25,000, this beautiful and playful feline is a bit tough to handle. It has marble spots all over its coat and therefore gives close resemblance to the look of a leopard. However, its traits are more or less like dogs. This is a hybrid breed and originates from the crossing of domestic feline, thus the shape is more or less like an Asian Leopard Cat. The only need of this cat is a gentle, domestic temperament after three generations from the original parents.

4. Peterbald

peterbaldPriced at a range of $1200 to $5,000, this breed of cat is the resultant of Oriental a Donskoy and Shorthair female World Champion. Its smart, energetic and curious nature makes it a totally adorable fur ball.  It has blue, almond-shaped eyes and an athletic build. With the help of its webbed feet; it can hold on to objects for long, even opened doors. Overall, it’s a peace living and friendly pet.


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