Top 5 Hi-Tech Gadgets to Pamper Your Pet

Our pets are not just animals but family to most of us and just the way we love playing with technology and using it in our day to day lives, our pets too do not mind gadgets and equipments which are technologically advanced. In this day and time when spending on your pet isn’t such a big deal to most, pet owners do not hesitate dishing out huge sums of money just to pamper and spoil their pets. If you too are looking for a gadget to express your love for your pet, here is a well consolidated list for you:

1. Whistle


Whistle is a device which can be attached to the dog’s collar and records the physical activity your dog engages in.  By making use of an app of this waterproof gadget, you can easily track when your dog is resting, when he is walking and when he is running.

2. Tagg


This is another wonderful gadget through which you can pamper your dear pet. This is a device which works as a GPS locator for your dog. It can be fitted in on the collar of the dog and uses GPS to track the pet’s location when it is not around.  Using an app of Tagg, you can find out the exact location and rescue your pet if it is lost.

3. Sony ActionCam

Sony ActionCam

This is a gorgeous gadget which can also be used on humans but works wonderfully for your pet. It can be mounted on top of your dog and through it; you can view the world from the viewpoint of your dog.  The footage generally turns out to be interesting and is good from the point of view of sharing.

4. No More Woof

This gadget may still be in its development phase but is already quite popular for its unique function. What it does is that it helps you to understand what a bark of your dog can mean by picking up signals from its brain and translating them into English language.

5. FroliCat Bolt

FroliCat Bolt

This device is especially meant for cats as it comes with a laser light that makes random patterns on the walls and the floor for your cat’s entertainment.  It automatically shuts down after a period of 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes; your cat can be extremely entertained and captivated.  It also helps a cat stay active and energized.


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