Cool Summer Gadgets For Your Beloved Pet

pet bicycle basketAre you one of those pet owners who treat your pet like a person rather than an animal? Do you lavish them with the latest, all the cutesy little pet clothes and toys?

If you are, then this is the article for you because there are some new pet toys on the market that your beloved animal may not be having yet.

Let’s start with the Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket. This is a basket that you can attach to your bicycle in case your dog has a medical problem that keeps it from running along beside the bike or in case you just don’t want him wearing his little paws out by running like crazy to match your pace.

Amazingly, if it isn’t enough for your dog to ride your bike in this basket, you can also unhitch the basket from the bike, attach the shoulder strap and carry the creature in the portable pet carrier that it becomes.

If that wasn’t enough, this contraption also has a sunscreen that can be removed and stored in its own little pocket. Now doesn’t this sound like just the thing that every spoiled little pet and every pet owner who thinks their pets are worth spoiling should have?

This next item is just the bomb! The Pet Umbrella Leash is just what every pet needs. Who likes to get wet when they are taking a walk? Surely your pet doesn’t.

If this is the case, then this is the product for you. There is a clear plastic part that functions as an umbrella for your pet. This is trimmed in a stylish plaid so that your pet can still be in all the rage.

This attaches with a hook to your animal’s collar and a leash comes up from the top of the umbrella part for you to hold on, to so that your pet doesn’t decide to run and hide.

There are a few more new items out there for the seriously pet friendly people. There is a new digital camera that will detect and enhance critter faces in the shots. It is also waterproof. This is the Waterproof Pentax Optio W90 Digital Camera.

Also on the market is a new brand of goggles. These are made for dogs though and are called Doggles. How cute! These claim to be the first eyewear on the market for dogs and will keep their eyes dirt and dust free just in case their eyelashes don’t already do the trick.


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