How to Choose the Best Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are one of those people who own a pet and worry whether your pet is getting enough food and water while you are away, then automatic pet feeders are for you.

Costing anywhere from $10 to $100, these food dispensers are useful to the pet owners in more ways than one. Here is the guide to choosing the best automatic pet feeder based on your requirements.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic feeders are of two major types – dry food dispensers, wet food dispensers and water dispensers.

Automatic Dry food dispensers

Automatic pet feeders come in various sizes and types based on the kind of food to be dispensed and the animal to be fed. Accordingly, pet feeders are available in 3 different sizes

  1. Small – feeds animals such as cats weighing less than 15 pounds. Its stores about 5 pounds of food.
  2. Medium – feeds pets weighing between 15 to 40 pounds. Its stores about 10 pounds of food.
  3. Large – feeds larger pets weighing above 40 pounds. Its stores about 20 pounds of food.

Choose automatic feeders that have the following general features:

  1. A feed timer
  2. Detachable food bowl
  3. Electric cords that are chew-proof
  4. Ensures proper dispensing of food to prevent over-eating
  5. Airtight cover, battery backup and manual settings
  6. Has the capacity to fit in at least 8 feeds per day

Automatic water dispensers

Automatic feeders mentioned above are of the dry food dispensing variety. However the animals also need water. For this there are automatic water dispensing machines called auto water fountains. They are a good source of clean water for the pets.

Adjustable feeders

If you want to feed your pet some special types of foods, once in awhile, then these adjustable auto feeders are just for you. They can be customized with different fittings to accommodate specialty food such as elephant wafers, monkey chow etc.

Uses of automatic programmable pet feeder

The auto feeders can be programmed to dispense food to the pet. Apart from that, it has many other uses as well. Here is how it helps:

  • It keeps your pet well fed, energetic and healthy
  • It provides balanced meals at set regular intervals through the day
  • It monitors the food intake per meal
  • It prevents gorging of food
  • It is helpful in controlling conditions such as diabetes
  • It is a great convenience to the caregiver

Using this guide you can now easily choose the best automatic pet feeder for convenience and health of your pet.

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