10 Most Common Fish Keeping Mistakes and How to Deal with Them

Fish keeping can be a good hobby provided you are capable of keeping your fishes healthy. But often people fail to understand simplest things and make mistakes that ruin their hobby. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that the fish keepers make:

common fish keeping mistakes and how to deal with themSize of the Aquarium

If it is a new hobby, it is always advisable to start small, i.e, buy a small aquarium because it is more cost effective. However, necessarily smaller aquariums may not be easier to handle, since you can overstock it, or find it difficult to maintain the water balance.

Buying the Aquarium and the Fish on the Same Day

A new hobby needs time to nurture it and therefore, before you buy a fish, try to learn how to operate the aquarium properly.


This is a common mistake that almost everybody makes. Not only overcrowding means an increased aggression among the inhabitants of the tank, it also signifies that the water balance will be affected negatively.

Incompatibility of the Fishes

Various fishes have different types of needs, like space and temperature among other things. If you do not keep account of this, your hobby is doomed to failure, with your fishes suffering fatal consequences.

Incorrect Water Chemistry

This is another very common mistake that your aquarium can suffer from. Apart from maintaining the correct temperature and pH balance of the water, it is imperative to regularly change the water of the fish tank.


This is a difficult balance you need to maintain to keep your fishes healthy as overfeeding might lead to decline in the fish’s health as well as the quality of water. Also remember, the fishes also need variety in their food, like human beings.


Just having a filter does not automatically ensure your fish’s health. You also need to change the water regularly. Moreover, you have to maintain the filter well. Make sure you do not wash the filter directly under a tap. That might ruin it.


After you have bought a new fish, it is absolutely necessary to quarantine it for sometimes before you can introduce it to the fish tank.

Incorrect Use of Treatment

Unless you are a veterinary doctor yourself, make sure you consult a professional regularly to keep your fish in good health.


Finally, you need to have patience with this hobby and the desire to learn from your mistakes.


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