5 Best Pet Fish Varieties for Kids to Keep

Most kids love aquariums, adore fishes and are crazy about underwater life. If your kid too loves looking at fish and shows inclination towards petting them, then there could be no gift better for him/her than a fish in a bowl or aquarium.

But before gifting a fish, you must know about the various varieties or species as well as consider the suitability of your kid to pet them. Not all fish are easy to maintain or pet, especially for kids and hence, you can refer to the following given list of the best pet fish for kids to keep:

1. Danios


Danios are a family of fish consisting of varieties like giant danios, pearl danios and zebra danios.  These fish are active swimmers, which are really inexpensive and easy to maintain. They work the best in large numbers and can be a treat to look at. This is a great fish species for you to get for your kid.

2. Angelfish

These fish can be great for beginners or first time fish keepers since they are easy to maintain. They look beautiful, are active and can be bred in soft and acidic water.  They come in various markings are are usually readily available at most fish stores.

3. Neon tatras

neon tatras

Originally found in the Amazon Basin, these fish can be bred in soft/acidic water and are produced in huge numbers to be sold across the world as pet fish. They look best in dark conditions and are loved by kids.  They live on densely planted aquariums and are great for beginners to pet or keep.

4. Livebearers

This fish variety can be bred in hard/alkaline water and is great specie for your kid to pet. Some of the livebearers which are easiest to maintain are sword fish and platies.  They come in super attractive colors and patterns and are easy to feed as well.

5. Cory Cats

cory cats

Cory cats live best in groups of five-six fish and are mostly produced by fish farmers. These fish are easy to keep and are relatively inexpensive to buy. They are playful, active and are available in many patterns and colors. Your kid will love this variety and will be able to pet it without any difficulties.

So now that you know about the various easy to pet fish varieties, you can bring one home for your kid!


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