How to Care for Shichon Puppies

There are a lot of people thinking about getting a Schichon, but the first thing that they have to know is how to care for Schichon puppies. It is good to know that this breed is somewhere between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tsu.

How to Care for Shichon Puppies

Your home

Before getting a new puppy, you should puppy-proof your home, just as if you were baby-proofing it. Make sure that there are no small objects laying around that the puppy could swallow and remove all potentially toxic plants. Close the doors of cabinets and secure electric wires so that the puppy won’t be able to chew on them.

Puppy supplies

In case you are interested in Schichon puppy caring, keep in mind that it is best to buy the puppy supplements in advance, especially the essential objects. Get water and food dishes, chew toy, food, collar, leash, and a crate or bed. You can get the rest of the items that you need after the puppy arrives.

Trip to the vet

When thinking about how to care for Schichon puppies, make sure that you think about taking the puppy to the vet after you get him. For sure you will find an all-inclusive plan which covers checkups and vaccinations. Usually the plans cost less if you pay in advance.


We all know that puppies like eating all sorts of things, but if you are thinking about taking care of a Schichon puppy, you should make sure that you feed him only the foods that have been approved by the vet. This way you can make sure that the puppy will have a long and happy life.


This might be the most important aspect to think about when asking how to care for Schichon puppies. It is a good idea to enroll the puppy in an obedience class. This way you will learn how to train the puppy and he will get more comfortable with the world outside your home.


The people interested in Schichon puppies care taking should make sure that they let the puppy rest when he gets tired. Don’t forget that puppies, just like babies, need a lot of sleep during the day so that they will have enough energy for the regular activities.

You will have to learn how to care for Schichon puppies in order to be a good and responsible pet owner.


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