Serving Up The Correct Meal

One of the biggest problems people seem to have with weight and eating is a lack of control over portion size and one of the main factors of this is lack of awareness and care.  So many people judge by eye how much rice or pasta to have but if they measured out the recommended portion size then they would probably find that they are eating a lot more than they should be.  The same issue can also be extended to pets and how much food owners are feeding their dogs and cats.

Pets foodAs an adult, if you find you are gaining weight then one of the first measures you will probably take is to reduce your calorie intake.  The best ways to do this is to ensure that you are eating healthy balanced foods and you are eating the correct amount.

The same applies to animals, to keep your pet at a healthy weight you need to check the ingredients in the food you are buying and ensure you feed them the correct amount for their size. Many dog foods come with really clear labelling and instructions so it is really important to ensure that you take the time to read the label and process the information.

If you are unsure of the weight of your dog then your vets should be able to weigh them and provide that information.  Once you know their weight you can then feed them the correct amount of food for their size.  If the food does not come with a measuring cup you should be able to purchase one from a good pet supplies shop.

It is worth noting that if you change food you should always read the new label and instructions as all food varies and their might be a different recommended amount when using a different food.  Even if you stick with the same food it is worth checking the label on new bags in case any changes have been made to the products which affect how much food the dog should have.


There are many great dog foods available which will help ensure your dog is healthy and a good weight.  It is important to choose food that is high in protein and does not contain additives and is suitable for your breed of dog.  It is also possible to buy food to help with specific ailments and if this is the case always check the labels in case there is any reason your dog cannot have that particular dog food.  For example if your dog is overweight you can get specific light dog food which is reduced calories but still full of the necessary nutrients.


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