Walking The Dog Benefits The Owner’s Health

Studies have shown that animal lovers generally exercise with their pets for an average of twenty four minutes, twice a day which totals to more than five hours a week.

On top of everything else, most of dog lovers get an extra two hours of exercise every week.

This being said, most pet owners get more exercise than people that go to the gym because they actually consume more energy while walking the pet, then running on a treadmill for a half an hour. Also, almost half of people that do not have pets do not exercise at all.

These are pretty great statistics to look at, because those people that own pets seem to get more exercise than people who do not have them. It is quite great to get fit and exercise without even noticing the time and having fun while getting your body into shape.

Bob Martin, an expert in pet health care said that generally people think that dog walking and playing with their pet is more enjoyable than going the gym because people look at going to the gym like looking at a chore because it becomes a routine and gets tiring.

It is important to realize that exercising should be enjoyable and fun rather than becoming something one has to do each and every day. This way you will be more likely to do it and actually look forward to exercising and in the same time spend time with your pet.

A couple of short walks every day would add up to a lot for a person that is trying to get fit and live a more active and more healthy life.

One great advantage of exercising with a pet is that you get to enjoy all the things that the environment has to offer like the fresh air you can only find outdoors.

Gym goers only exercise in air-conditioned environment that makes it even less enjoyable. Connecting with your pet in the middle of nature lets you fight depression and gives you hope for a better life so you can say bye-bye to your shrink in no time.

The study that was done on five thousand people, that included three thousand dog owners, was able to reveal that fifty-seven percent of dog owners see that walking their dogs are their main form of exercise and more than three quarters would actually want to substitute walking the dog to going to the gym everyday.

This survey showed that dog walking encourages dog walkers to have a regular exercise session and all dog owners agree that no matter what happens they still take their dogs for a walk.

This just proves that dog owners are constant in this activity which cannot be said with gym goers who many times find reasons not to follow the gym routine.

Being healthy and getting the exercise that you need, does not really need to be a dreadfully boring experience. It is important to always have fun when you are exercising and enjoy yourself while you are at it.

It would be much better to actually do something that you love and get the best exercise that your body needs and requires. And dog walking will do the trick for sure.

Keep in mind that walking is not something you have to do for your pet, but something the pet has the privilege to offer you.


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