Hollywood Dog Care Tips That Can Help Your Pet Age Like Michael Douglas

If you have ever wondered how movie stars and their famous dogs can live to a ripe old age then please read on. It is a well-publicised fact that ageing celebrities turn to a range of supplements to help them into their senior years gracefully.

No one is hiding the fact that Michael Douglas has had some fantastic plastic surgery, but he is also taking a range of high-quality supplements to keep him feeling young and fresh from within. Also it is a known fact that Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones takes over 10 supplements a day to give his body what it needs so he can continue performing at a high level.

This sort of care should be given to your dog also, and can be found at an affordable price by going online. Medicines such as synoquin will help ease the pain on their joints and also any swelling. This will help them especially in the cold winter months when they may suffer from a lot of stiffness.

For relieving some symptoms of arthritis you may also want to consider a supplement like cortaflex. This does not need a prescription and again can be found online at a reasonable price.

Adding extra medicines and supplements to your dog’s meals can mean it can have a happier and higher standard of life. It is also recommended that you look at changing their diet and maybe putting them on a specialist veterinary recommended food plan that will stop them from putting on excess weight and also give them the right nutrients they need for their condition.

Sometimes dogs suffer from a severe case of arthritis where they find it extremely painful to move and cannot even get to sleep comfortably. In these circumstances administering a prescription drug like previcox for dogs is going to be recommended.

You will need to see your vets first to get a prescription but again you do not have to buy straight from them as this is going to be the most expensive way to do it. If you are thinking about long-term care then you are advised to buy online, for this will save you large amounts of money.


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