5 Things To Know When You Get A Pug

It is rightly said that a dog is man’s best friend. It shows utmost love and dedication towards its human companions and expects a similar treatment from them. Hence, you must be sure that you will be willing to indulge in the life of your pet dog sufficiently.

While dogs usually need more personal attention than many other pets we might know, pugs, particularly, need loads of it. Pugs are adorable creatures with a golden heart but may not be easy to keep initially because of their distinct needs.

In this article, you will get acquainted with 5 things which will prepare you before you get a pug.

5 Things To Know When You Get A Pug

1. Very Energetic

A pug is a small breed, but it brims with loads of energy—in fact, more than the medium-sized and big dogs you might know of. Pugs like to move a lot, usually excitedly and require room for the same. Thus, you must consider giving them enough space for frolicking and should keep a close watch on their activities to avoid any untoward accident.

2. A Family Dog

A pug is a small dog with huge needs. It is essentially a family dog and requires a lot of personal attention. It needs people around it and has very high expectations of getting pampered. Most of the time, it will not be content with a tickle under the chin and ruffling through the hair and will constantly crave for attention.

When pugs do not get enough attention, they will not shy away from showing disappointment on their face—something, which will instantly make you guilty and unhappy!

3. Famous For Licking’ And ‘Swatting

As pugs want aconstant show of love, they engage in too much licking and swatting. They will use their paws to draw your focus on them and lick your face all over to compel you into treating them the way they want themselves to be treated.

If you are somebody who loves personal space, then you should probably give up on raising a pug because that creature will not leave you alone even if you beg for it.

4. Pugs Need Exercise

There is a common belief that pugs are lethargic, indoor breeds without much activity. However, despite the popularity of this notion, you should anyway get your pug outside and let it engage in physical as well as mental exercise.

You should take your pug outside and let it run around. But, here is a caveat: pugs get heated up quickly because of their thick skin. Thus, moderate exercise is recommended. Do not make that poor thing run like a racer—it will die of overheating!

5. Don’t, If You Are Allergic.

As noted earlier, pugs have double coated skin and hence, they shed a lot of hair. Moreover, they run around a lot, licking and swatting. So, if you are allergic, you must totally waive off the idea of owning a pug—for that matter, do not buy any other dog.


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