5 Facts About the Samoyed Dog Breed

One of the cutest and perhaps the fluffiest breeds of dogs is that of Samoyed. These are cute, cuddly fellows whom you would want to hug all day long and feel rejuvenated. So, if you are considering a dog pet, Samoyed makes an excellent choice.

Samoyed is a popular breed, but there are many aspects which people do not know about. These facts are interesting and might make you want to know more about these cute fur balls. In this article, we are going to enlighten you with certain facts about Samoyed dogs which you may not have heard before.

5 Facts About the Samoyed Dog Breed

Here are 5 facts about Samoyed dog breed for you:

1. The name

Well, let us start with the name, shall we?

Samoyed is one of the most mispronounced dog breeds in the world. While people call them Sam-O-Yed, they are actually Sam-a-Yed, with a strong emphasis on the final syllable. If this is tricky for you, you can call them Sammy if you wish. But, let us not screw up their beautiful names!

2. Coming from Siberia

Whenever you look at these cutesy creatures, you feel a sudden but everlasting gush of warmth within you. However, you should know that these creatures are named after a nomadic tribe native of one of the coldest regions on this planet, Siberia.

Named after Samoyedic people of Northern Siberia, the breed was originally used for pulling sleds and hunting. They were also used for protection of reindeers and herding. The value of Samoyed dogs was immense, as the tribe relied on them for their survival and hence treated them as part of their society.

Now you know that these creatures have a history of a warm and affectionate relationship with humans!

3. The double coat

Samoyed is blessed with a handsome double coat. The undercoat is woolly and thick whereas the outer coat is considerably coarse featuring straight silvery guard hairs. The wool was and still can be used for weaving or knitting warm clothing.  Since the breed is found in cream, white and biscuit color, you do have a variety to choose from.

Samoyed aremade for humans—and we are made for them!

4. Smarter than you expected

Our Sammy is an extremely bright breed, and this may be a bit challenging to an unprepared owner. They have a history of working independent of men, and hence, you should expect them to take a number of decisions on their own. However, these creatures are not disobedient; in fact, they will do anything to please you and direct your attention towards them.

Treat them nicely and they will love you more than any human had ever loved you!

5. Very talkative

Well, Sammy is not the mindful and quiet type—they love attention, love,and conversation. They have always been treated as a part of the society, and thus, they expect to be involved in the lives of their ‘hooman’.

If you are not giving them any attention, they will give out wolf-like howls and make their intentions clear.



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