20 Creative & Modern Bird House Designs


1. Original Bird House

Here is an original bird house designed by Life Goods. The bird house is actually part of the barrel of an axe stuck in a tree! Not only is this bird house unique, but the birdhouse is quite roomy on the inside (plenty of room for nesting) with a perch on the outside. Life Goods definitely came up with a unique version of a bird house.

Best Birdhouse Patterns

bird-house1Designer : Lifegoods

2 . Nestle Bird House

From designer Ignacio Pilotto, we have the Nestle Bird House, which is made from a recycled aluminum Nestle can. This bird house has a shiny, modern look with its aluminum body and bright neon green front. There’s a large opening for any size bird to enter to seek shelter from various weather conditions. There’s also a perch that resembles a tree branch near the opening.

Tips to Build Bird Houses

This bird house can be hung from a tree branch, as there are two hanging loops attached at the top. This is a great environmentally friendly bird house.

Bird-house2Designer: Ignacio Pilotto

3. Birdhouse

Here is a fantastic bright yellow birdhouse that is unique in its own way. The rear of the bird house is open, so if you attach it to a window, you will be able to have an up close and personal view of any bird seeking refuge inside. Complete with a front opening and a perch, this birdhouse is perfect for birds and bird lovers.

Facts about Dodo Bird

It’s actually large enough to accommodate multiple birds, and the fact that it allows you to watch the birds when they are inside the bird house really makes this design from Valentin Engler and Daniel Morger Grolimund unique.

birdhouse3Designers: Valentin Engler, Marius and Daniel Morger Grolimund

4. Bird Box

Designers Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen designed this ultra modern looking Bird Box. It is made from terracotta and black plastic, which makes it super sturdy and able to withstand all weather conditions. The original idea behind this bird house is that it comes with various interchangeable entrance openings.

This allows you to determine exactly what type of birds you’d like to attract. Another unique feature of this Bird Box is the ladder on the inside so that little baby birds can make their way out safely when they’re ready to leave the nest.

Bird-house4Designer: Henrik Holbaek & Claus Jensen

5. Egg Bird House

For an original bird house, check out the Egg Bird Houses designed by Jim Schatz. They are each handmade of glossy ceramic earthenware with an aluminum perch, and they can withstand any weather conditions. The hanger is about two inches long, and the entire Egg Bird House only weighs one pound.

Unique birdhouses

These bird houses are geared toward smaller birds, and the entrance openings are small enough to keep larger birds out. They are available in pastel and bold colors, so take your pick!

Bird-house5Designer: Jim Schatz

6. Apple Juice Bottle Birdhouse

Marcel Wanders designed this creatively modern bird house with previously used ceramic apple juice bottles. There is tons of room inside this recycled bird house, just add a few sticks as perches, and you have a fabulous bird house! This Apple Juice Bird House can be attached from the bottom to a tree or any surface.

Marcel Wanders really came up with an eco-friendly bird house that is sturdy and durable, and has a lot of room inside for birds to seek shelter from the elements. The brown color of the ceramic jug will really blend right in with any tree.

Bird-house6Designer: Marcel wanders

7. Bird Turf

The Bird Turf is a really creative, modern birdhouse that can be hung anywhere, not just in a tree. This urban take on a plain old birdhouse is inspired by something you may have seen in your neighborhood if you’re an American. Remember seeing shoes hanging over power lines in the street? Well, this birdhouse is just like that pair of shoes.

There’s one black and one white birdhouse, each with their own wooden bottom, both connected with a flexible material perfect for hanging over any thin branch, a clothes line; there’s tons of options with the Bird Turf bird house. Let birds claim their turf with this modern bird house.


8. CipCip Bird House

The CipCip Birdhouse is a cute, creative birdhouse that’s great to get any child interested in nature, or to just enjoy a bright, unique birdhouse in your back yard. The entrance is large enough for almost any size bird, and it’s made of ceramic so it’s sturdy enough to hold a large nest.

The glossy exterior protects the CipCip so you can offer a safe place for birds all year long. You can get the CipCip Birdhouse in green, blue, white, or yellow. It’s a nice, bright decoration for any back yard, and you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of birds year round.

Bird-house8Buy at: Designdot

9. Holy Homes

The Holy Homes birdhouses designed by Frederik Roije are sure to be a conversation piece wherever you decide to hang it. They are beautifully crafted and are inscribed with whatever symbol applies to your personal preferences. The bird house is a gorgeous deep gray color, and the perches resemble thin branches, but they are shiny golden branches.

The shape of the Holy Homes bird houses are also in the shape of whatever your place of worship may be, whether it’s a church or a mosque. This is an original design from Frederik Roije, and it’s a great decoration as a bird house, or even indoors as a symbol of one’s faith. The Holy Homes bird houses are truly unique.

Bird-house9Designer: Frederik Roijé

10. Billbird House

Here is a fresh take on a bird house from Michael Bom of Rotterdam in The Netherlands -based company Atelier Bomdesign. He took pieces of old billboard signs and previously used handles to create the Billbird house. The shape of these bird houses resembles a mailbox you might see attached to a house near the front door.

Not only are the Billbird houses made with recycled materials, but they come in various colors. The use of the billboards with their various designs adds a really modern look to the Billbirdhouses. Give a little birdie a safe place to stay in a trendy way with this Billbirdhouse from Michael Bom.

Bird-house10Designer: Michael Bom

11. Cuckoo Bird House

The Cuckoo Birhouse is a really modern, trendy version of a bird house. As implied by its name, Matijs Korpershoek designed this bird house to resemble his bird house version of a Cuckoo clock. It’s available in the ultra modern colors of black and white, and it comes complete with perch and entrance.

The detailing around the outside of the birdhouse is really what makes it unique. There are all different shapes of animals and birds, and the design is really beautiful.


12. Rohbau Bird House

The Rohbau Bird house is a simple yet creatively designed bird house. The neutral colors of this bird house really blend right in with nature. The outer portion is made of a sturdy concrete material, and the front is made of wood. This wooden front is removable, which allows for easy cleaning, and to allow easy exit for those precious baby birds as they make their way out into nature.

Depending on the type of bird you’d like to attract, the entrance openings are available in various sizes. The Rohbau Bird house is a simple bird house that any bird lover will enjoy, and its modern updates add functionality.


13. Roost Bird House

This Roost Bird house will not only offer a safe haven for birds, but check out the bright pink color that will really add pop to any back yard or garden. Not only is the color original for a bird house, but the details of the design make the Roost bird house a must-have for any bird lover. It is constructed with non-rusting aluminum, and that bright pink color will not be chipped away and does not conduct heat.

The sections of the Roost bird house are also removable, which allows for easy cleaning, and then the sections can be locked back into place. The Roost bird house also has a drainage system, and venting which will make the birds comfortable inside their new home.

Bird-house13Buy at: Hepperhome

14. Nidusa Bird House

Here is a bird house for only the trendiest of birds. The modern geometric shape of the Nidusa Bird House make it an originally by far, but the really modern part is that it’s actually hinged together in the back, so it opens up for easy cleaning. The inside is really roomy, and the entrance opening is big enough even for larger birds.

It comes in white or a simple wooden color, and it adds a modern touch to any garden, porch, balcony, or backyard. Give your birds a trendy place to stay with Vladimir Sinelnikov’s Nidusa Bird House.

Bird-house14Buy at : Artlebedev

15. Piep-Show XXL Bird House

The Piep Show XXL Bird house is a beautifully crafted bird house that is as versatile as they come. It comes with a 3m wire, but you can also use a post to stand in the ground, or simply use the base to have a free standing, stable bird house. It’s available in four different gorgeous colors. It’s made with nickel-plated steel, and the color coating will not rust.

The Piep Show XXL Bird house is a nice, large home for birds to be protected in the winter, and it can be used as a bird bath in the summer, just add water! It can even be decorated with lights or candles to be a special piece of art.


16. Cinder Block Bird House

The Cinder Block Bird House is unique use of an old cinder block. It can be hung from a tree or simply placed on the ground. Wood was used to fill in the cinder block holes, and a perch and an entrance opening were added. It’s a great way to use old materials to offer a nice home to a bird in need. It’s definitely a creative, modern take on a bird house.


17. Folding Bird House

Here is a simple, creative bird house with a modern touch designed by Jesper Moller and Dorthe Weis. The Folding Bird House is made of sturdy white steel and comes with a wooden perch. It can be folded up flat if needed, and it’s super easy to assemble. Just unfold, place food in the bottom, and it’s ready to be hung in a nearby tree or wherever you choose.

It’s shaped like an actual house, and it even has three little tiny windows for birds to look out of as they dine, the roof protects them from the weather.

Bird-house17Designer: Jesper Moller Hansen and Dorthe Weis

18. CCTV Bird House

You’re not on CCTV, but you might be being watched by a bird in this CCTV Bird House. You have to look really closely to see that this is actually a bird house! Referred to as Wolfgang S., this uniquely designed bird house is a creative take on a bird house. It can be attached at the base, and it even has a discreet little perch. Now, the birds may be observing humans instead of humans observing birds!

Bird-house18Productpage: Manufactum

19. Piep Show Bird House

This modern-looking version of a bird house is the Piep Show Bird House. It can be attached to a window or glass door with the four attached suction cups, which is super easy if you want to move it to a new location or simply clean it. Place the food in the base, and the roof offers protection for the birds dining there. The Piep Show Bird House is a simple, trendy looking bird house that allows you to observe the birds up close and personal.


20. Stadtnomaden Piepschau Bird House

This Stadtnomaden Piep Show Bird House is a natural, wooden bird house that can be placed on the ground, or hung in a tree or wherever you wish. It has a handle that allows for easy carrying or hanging.

The design of the bird house gives birds a place to dine off the ground while still being protected from various weather conditions. The surface is coated with a food safe wax, which protects it from the elements for a long-lasting bird house.


Designer: Stadtnomaden

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