The Best Possible Places to Place The Bird Feeder

Love feeding birds or love seeing birds eating or feeding? Well the best way to feed the birds is to place bird feeders in or around your house.  Bird feeders can either be hanged or can be placed on a hard surface. But most people are confused about the placement of bird feeders because not all places work that well at attracting birds. So for your help, we have listed down the best possible places for bird feeders:

bird feeder


  • The best place to hang a bird feeder is on a tree.  Trees are easy to locate places for birds and you generally will find many birds chirping on or around trees.  But make sure that there aren’t many squirrels around the tree.
  • Another hint for you to find a good place for a bird feeder is to look for those places where you have seen many birds.  A lot of birds flock around berry trees and this can prove to be a wonderful location for your feeder.
  • If you are about to replace an old bird feeder with a new one, make sure you place the new bird feeder at the location of the old one so that the birds know where to go to find their food.
  • Always hang a bird feeder at a place which is decently shaded (but not very) and has some sort of a shelter that can protect it from rain.  This will prevent the food from getting wet or washed out and will also continue to attract birds in rainy season and in hot climatic conditions.
  • If you are someone who has more than one bird feeder, then you must always place your feeders at a considerable distance from each other.  This is a good way to ensure that all bird feeders get many birds.
  • A bird feeder must always be placed at a place which has quiet surroundings. Birds can easily get discouraged from visiting a bird feeder if it has too much human activity nearby.
  • Always hang or place a bird feeder at a place where you can keep an eye on it. This is important because feeding birds make for a good and pleasant sight. Moreover, having a feeder in your eyesight is a good idea and prevents it from getting stolen.
  • Some examples of good bird feeder places are balconies, trees, backyards, kitchen gardens, home gardens, house entrance etc.



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