How To Keep Away Squirrels From Your Bird Feeder?

bird feederLocation is the secret weapon in your war against squirrels. Locate your bird feeder in a spot that is inaccessible by squirrels.

Hanging it in a high place will do the trick but hanging it in a tree is useless as squirrels can climb trees.

Rather hang it on a shiny, high polished pole that cannot be climbed.

Applying some grease or oil will make the squirrels irritated and they will give up eventually and leave the bird feeder alone.

In this way your feathered friends can access their food without being bothered by squirrels. To prevent squirrels from trying to eat the bird food rather put their preference of food at the bottom or near the birdfeeder. Some squirrels are greedy and will attack the bird feeder anyway.

Some bird feeders can be located anywhere, whether your house is fenced or not, as they are already designed to guard themselves against squirrels.

These bird feeders have accessories like screens which keep the squirrels away from the seeds. These are more efficient as they are flexible and do not depend on where they are located.

Some feeders are topped or covered with a large dome of plastic, this keeps squirrels out because squirrels would have climbed onto the device from a pole but will encounter a baffle which in turn will prevent them from gaining access.

This method is not very efficient as the squirrel will fall to the ground with a few seeds so as it will appease him and drive him to try again. Some squirrels have discovered that they can empty the bird feeder by bouncing from it.

The more complex and sophisticated the bird feeder is, the more expensive it usually gets. These bird feeders restrict squirrels access by the use of ‘‘mechanical principle” that closes the point of entry when an animal weighing as much as a squirrel comes by.

These new designs which are based on the principle of exclusion are becoming more popular and some models have cages that do not permit not only squirrels but big birds too into the bird feeder.

Squirrels do not have the same preferences as birds and you can use this to your advantage by incorporating foods that squirrels dislike such as safflower seeds instead of bird seeds. They dislike the taste and this will act as a deterrent hopefully forever. It’s not so hard keeping these creatures away from your bird feeder is it?


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