A Comprehensive Guide on Summer Bird Feeding

Summers are great for outings, picnics, and gardening and if you are a nature lover then you may also find it a great time to feed birds. Once you start feeding them you will see that a great number of birds are visiting your backyard every day. They can also create a nest in your garden and it can be a great visual treat for you. But there are a few myths associated with bird feeding.

guide on summer bird feedingCommon Bird Feeding Myths

  • You may hear that if you feed birds in summers then they will keep coming back at all times. This is not true because most birds move to warmer climate in the winters.
  • Some may also tell you that if you feed birds they become lazy and stop looking for food. That is also not true because birds make 75% arrangement of their food from elsewhere.

What to Feed?

  • Fruits are a common choice when it comes to feeding birds. Read up on the type of fruits that the birds eat and depending on the birds that visit your backyard make arrangements.
  • Seeds are also a good option when it comes to feeding birds. Black oil sunflower seeds are quite popular. You will also get mixed seeds and leaving them in the feeder attracts several birds.
  • Birds also like mealworms. These are good especially for worm eating birds. Bluebirds, wrens and warblers are especially attracted to mealworms.
  • Like you and me, several birds have a sweet beak and that is why nectar can be a great choice for them. Woodpeckers are said to love nectar.
  • If you want American robins to pay you a visit in your backyard daily, then you need to arrange for some jelly. The most popular jellies to feed birds are of the apple and grape flavor. Even orioles like them a lot.

Tips to Feed them

  • Keep the feeder in a cool or shaded place so that when birds come to eat they also get some rest. You also need to keep water. Just food is not enough.
  • If you have cats at home then keep them away from the backyard when birds come to feed. You do not want to serve the visiting birds as your cat’s dish.
  • Do not keep the feeders near windows with reflective glasses. This will reduce the chances of the birds colliding in the glass.

Photo Credit By: tippland.ie


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