Winter Getaway for Your Pet

In case you are wondering where to spend your winter vacation, don’t forget to check out the pet-friendly destinations, so you can take your puppy with you. The first thing you should consider carefully is your pet’s condition. If your dog or cat is healthy, then you don’t need to worry about the travel.

Consult with your vet, take the documents of the pet and find the right spots, where you can rest accompanied by your pet. Of course don’t forget to find a flying company that offers good care for your cat or puppy.

In case you want to spend the vacation in the country, here are the most pet-friendly destinations. San Diego in California can be called a paradise for pets.

san diego

The whole state offers great deals for pet owners, and resorts that provide special pet care. Enjoy walking on the beach with your pet and visit the Dog Park at Otway Ranch Town.

Austin, Texas is another pet-friendly destination, where you can find lots of resorts, which will pamper your dog. The Hike and Bike Trail in Austin is also a perfect place to walk your dog, while exploring great views.


Don’t miss out Orlando, Florida, for the city provides great conditions for vacations with your pet.


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