The Richest Pets in the World

It’s not something unheard of to read about extremely rich people, but when it comes to animals, people become more interested. How could an animal be richer than a person? Well, they could.

There are some animals that have several million dollars, a sum that the majority of us are only dreaming about.

Richest AnimalsThe richest member of the animal world is Gunther IV. He is said to have a fortune of $372 million.

Actually Gunther the IV has inherited a sum of money from his father, Gunther III.

He has been the dog of the German countess carlotta LiebenstEin. She passed away in 1992 and her German shepherd inherited her entire fortune.

Gunther IV received the most attention from the media when he bought Madonna’s eight bedroom villa in Miami and after offering three million pounds for a truffle.

The second richest animal of the world is Kalu, a chimpanzee who has been rescued in 1985 by Patricia O’Neill. In the year 2000 she has changed her will, leaving Kalu her estate near Cape Town that has an estimated value of $80 million.

Another hound occupies the third place on the list, Toby Rimes, a poodle. He is the proud owner of $92 million. Actually, he is the descendant of a poodle that inherited $30 million in 1930, after his owner, Ella Wendel died.

We might find almost every kind of animal on the list, and so a hen couldn’t possibly be left out. On the fourth place there is Gigoo, who has a fortune of $10 million.

She got this sum of money from her owner, publishing mogul, Miles Blackwell in 2000, after his wife passed away.

Naturally the list goes on, and other millionaire animals include Moose, a Jack Russel terrier, Flossie, a Labrador, Trouble Helmsley, a Maltese, and Bubbles, another chimpanzee.


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