The Bizarre Definition Of The Ideal Pet For Humans

If we are supposed to be able to create clones of ourselves, there is nothing surprising that a team of researchers in UK tried to create the perfect pet. Not literally of course, but they did a project that is illustrating the perfect pet. The result: just like some Frankenstein cousin, Max is the perfect pet, a hybrid that combines all of the most common pets’ characteristics.

ideal pet

Max doesn’t look very pleasant for the eye, but it combines ears of rabbit, face of cat, body of a dog and a tail of a horse. Perhaps you are looking at Max’s picture and wondering why on earth we would want to have this pet, but the scientists in UK are having a different opinion. According to them, Max is what nearly 2000 animal lovers in the country are willing to see in their homes.

Of course that’s not all. According to the project, Max’s personality is also a hybrid between those animals. He is highly energetic, he loves walks and even more – he only sleeps 27 minutes per day! One day, when the science will take over the nature, perhaps we will see Max as a real creature, but as for now, this is just an odd project that show nothing but our obsession to transform everything including our pets.


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