The Best Pets For When You Have Small Children

Pets are something that each child yearns for. And to be sure it is good for children to grow up around pets. They have a loving friend in the pet and they have the sense of responsibility that comes from having to take care of another creature.

Dogs are perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to pets, but for several reasons, even logistical ones they may not always be possible. Particularly if you have small children, a dog can be a major responsibility so one may look for other pet options at this time.

Hamsters: These cute furry beings are something a small child will love and since they are small you don’t need a lot of space for them.

But remember they are nocturnal and may be easily injured before you rush out and buy one.

They are given to taking little nips so you would need to supervise pet-child interactions at least to begin with.

Set rules of play and make sure that feedings and cleanings are adhered to.

Guinea Pigs: These are not just for the labs; they can make great pets too. Bigger and sturdier than hamsters, they can be really cute. These creatures have few basic requirements that should be tended to in terms of a simple cage, and vitamin C rich food.

Mice and Rats: Though you think of these as kitchen pests, they can make excellent pets. They are sociable and friendly. It is a good idea to get two of a kind, so that these sociable creatures have company.

Getting two of the same gender will mean that you are not overrun with offspring. They also bond well with you and your children. However, remember these pets do not have a very long life and you may want to prepare your child for this.

Small Reptiles: A leopard gecko or a bearded dragon could be a good option for a low maintenance pet. These creatures can be unpredictable at times though, so if it is small children you have, you need to be there to supervise all interactions. They may appear docile for the most part, but you do have to be careful at all times.

Also reptiles can be nocturnal so your child could well be disappointed that their pet is sluggish or unresponsive during the day. Some reptiles do also need rather more elaborate enclosures as well.

Whichever pet you do choose make sure you do your research before hand and are fully aware of what you plan to bring home to your kids.


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