Pets May Turn Out To Be Better Listeners Than Your Life Partner

Sometimes sharing your difficulties is an issue, which leads to misunderstanding. The last researches showed a funny and a bit ironic truth: most of the pet’s owners find it easier to share their problems with their pets, instead of their real life partners.

This isn’t surprising news, at least according to many that have a dog or a kitten in their house. The research is also showing a strong relation between pet’s owners and their pets.

Nearly one in 10 pet owners is claiming that they would talk about their troubles exactly with their pet. In case you think this has nothing to do with your pet, you are wrong.

According to the pet psychologists, talking to pets is actually a way to help them fighting their depression. There are few pet owners who are willing to take their pets to psychologists.

The poll is also showing another link between owners and pets. Many of the participants in the research said that by sharing their problems with their pets, interaction becomes another way to help your pet feel more appreciated and loved.


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