What Is A Cat Condo, Cat Tower Or Cat Tree?

If you are the sort of pet owner for whom their cat is like their own baby; a person in its own right, with likes and dislikes and need for creature comforts, then this post should be of interest to you.

Someone who wants the best for their cat and wants that their furry friend is never bored or at a loss for things to do or wants their cat to have a territory to call their own will get some good ideas here:

A cat condo, a cat tree or a cat tower are some of the interesting pieces of cat furniture you may think of investing in for your cat.

Why do you need a cat condo, tree or tower? Not only is it something that will keep a cat interested and offer her something to do, it also offers her opportunities to indulge her natural inclination to climb.

Cats also need to squirrel away items and need to scratch. Having their own item of furniture lets them indulge in all these instincts of theirs. These activities are good for the cat’s physical and mental health.

Another use of these items for your cat is that it will usually have a place for a built in cat bed, so that there is always somewhere for kitty to curl up. Plus you can keep the scratches and the shedding off the furniture!

What should you look for in a cat condo, a cat tower or a cat tree?

  • If possible look for one that looks good. There are a number of options on the market that may be made out of wood, steel, or a combination of materials. Remember this is an item of furniture that will probably make a bit of a statement in your living room; make sure it is a positive one. There are many attractive options with fur or fleece or even washable material.
  • They should have multiple platforms and climbing implements as well as a few hidey holes or cubby holes for the cat. Cat towers or trees may not offer these options of cubby holes or small enclosures. Cat trees on the other hand have branches and hollows and leaves that your cat may find very interesting to climb and explore. Also there should be enough scratching posts for your cat.
  • Make sure that these items are sturdy and durable, both in terms of materials used as well as construction. Also the design should be such that it is stable and not prone to tipping over.


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