The Elegant Way To Drink Water

If you are on the lookout for new and better products for your furry friends, indulge them with this fountain water bowl.

This does away with the problems of dirty and warm water. The pet can now always have fresh and clean water to drink. Suitable for both cats and dogs this automatic water bowl is a great pet product.

The Bridgeport onyx water bowl keeps the water cool as it is made of onyx. The ceramic properties of the bowl help to maintain the water temperature. The re-circulating water feature of the automatic fountain filters any animal hair or dirt that may be present; to give fresh and clean water each time the pet wants a drink.

The raised basin is just right to keep big pets from guzzling the water and at the same time the asymmetrically designed bowl is just right for the smaller pets in the house. The water gently flows down the center dome and collects in the ceramic bowl for easy access by the pets.

The ceramic dome hides an easy to change filter and a plastic motor. The dome can be easily removed for maintenance. The automatic fountain water bowl can hold about 10 cups of water for the pet.

Source: supercoolpets


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