Pet T-Shirts: Cute And Trendy Or Simple Outfits!

Pet t-shirts are in vogue and the perfect fashion accessory for your pet dog or cat. A pet coat is essential to keep the pet warm, but pet t-shirts make your dog look cool and cute. And yes dressing up your pooch is fun. There are plenty of cool t-shirts available and you can choose from different styles, cuts and prints. Follow the latest pooch fashion trends that will make your pet look trendy and feel comfortable.

pet t shirtsHot summers need cool clothes. When choosing pet t-shirts take care about the fabric of your pet’s clothes. The choice though is simple, dress your pet the way you would.

Warm fleece or wool clothes for the winters to keep it warm and cool cottons to keep the pet cool in summers. Before you go berserk shopping for your pet t-shirts lets get down to the basics.

Just as you would not want to wear ill fitting clothes that are too loose or too tight, the same it goes for your pet. The best option would be to try the clothes on your pet before buying them.

If that is not practical don’t try to guess your pet’s measurement, get a measuring tape and get down to measuring your pet.

There are three measurements that you will need. Measure your pet around the neck, then just behind the fore legs and last from the base of the neck to just in front of the hind legs or depending on the design of the pet t-shirts to the starting of the tail.

Once armed with the measurements you will be able to get the perfect fashion statement for your pooch.

Look for fabric that can be machine washed and does not shrink after being washed. This is essential as dogs will get dirty and wet and if the pet t-shirt you have bought can’t be washed you will be in trouble.

Some other things to keep in mind are that the pet t-shirt should not be too tight nor should it be loose enough for the pet to wiggle out of it. Also remember to check for the slit in the back for the leash. When buying warm coats for winters choose wool or fleece fabric to keep the pet warm. Keep in mind that the dog has certain natural protection in the form of their fur coats so shop accordingly.

You can also but pet t-shirts for yourself. These t-shirts will normally have breed specific designs or prints on the t-shirt, thus giving you the opportunity to show your solidarity with your pet.

Go ahead and revamp your dog’s summer wardrobe with cool cotton summer pet t-shirts that will not only keep your pets cool in the heat but also make them look trendy.


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