Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

automatic cat litter boxCat lovers welcomed the idea of the automatic cat litter box but many are chary of trying out a concept as they don’t really understand how it works.

There are different kinds of automatic cat litter boxes which work as follows:

One looks rather like a globe with the cat enters, to do the job.

The globe then turns and scooping mechanism scoops up the clump of urine or feces.

As the globe rotates, the clump drops through a hole into a waste drawer beneath the globe. There are sensors that stop the globe from rotating if the cat tries to go into the globe while it’s turning.

Another kind looks more like your conventional litter box, with a rake that goes through the litter, picking up the clumps, and depositing them into a waste container under the box.

Then there is another that looks rather like a little toilet and it is flushable. It is hooked to a water supply and also to a human toilet for its drainage. Water and a sanitizing solution scrub the box clean.

So there are several choices that one has if one is looking for automatic cat litter boxes, which one can choose from according to their requirements.


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