Water Therapy Helps Your Pet Recover From Injury

water therapyWhen a person has an injury or undergoes invasive orthopedic procedures, what are some of the ways that they can receive physical therapy? They can go to a physical therapist’s office to receive therapy, have one come to their home if they can’t get out yet, or go to a place that offers hydro rehabilitation.

Hydro rehabilitation is actually very helpful in that it is not as stressful on the affected areas because the movements tend to be much smoother when in the water, while the water provides a resistance that can’t be matched on dry land.

Are you aware that pets get orthopedic injuries too? What kind of help is available for them? If the injured pet and its family live on the East Coast, there are actually two facilities that can help them out.

There is one called “Bonnie’s K9 Corp” and a new one that just opened in Manhattan called “Water 4 Dogs”. This one is located on Worth Street.

Things that can be used for dogs here include a custom-built pool, underwater treadmills and an overhead lift system that can actually help transport the injured animal to any location in the room.

The cool thing about this place for dog a lover is that they actually also offer swim sessions for dogs and their owners. Say you are sitting at home with your pet on one of those sweltering ‘dog days’ of summer and nothing sounds better to you than a dip in a pool but you don’t have one at your residence.

Just round up your pet and pop down to Water 4 Dogs for a swim session with man’s best friend.

Yes, it will cost you if you want a private session, from $50 to $100 depending on the length of the session. There are less costly sessions available, but there will be other dogs and owners sharing the pool with you. But, who knows, you might make some awesome friends and your dog might too.

The beauty of it is that the pool is an indoor one so it is open all year long.

So now you know that there is a place that can help your canine friend when it gets injured, strains muscles, has surgery, or simply needs a place to go swimming and having fun with you.

You should really check it out if you are in the area or encourage such an initiative inside your community. Be sure that many dog owners would be glad to support your goal.


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