The Food We Love Is Endangering The Pets

We have so much fun seeing our beloved pets looking at us wide eyed while we are preparing or enjoying a meal. Of course we know that our food is not dog or cat food and in spite of the fact our pets love to have a taste we should not indulge them to do it.

Our food has preservatives and spices and if they are ok for us they may be extremely damaging for our fury friends.

Here are the most destructive foods we normally do not consider dangerous for our pets.

Chocolate is a big no-no. Yes, it is sweet and you saw for sure many owners feeding it to their pets. Even in small quantities, the chocolate can cause a disaster especially to smaller animals. It is very toxic and can act as a poison for your pet.

pets food 1

Grapes and raisins are very dangerous for both dogs and cats. Consuming them may lead to kidney failure and cause many other health problems

Fat on meat or in any food for that matter can be exactly as damaging for pets as it is for humans. A lot of fat in food will not make their fur shine but more likely will cause them diabetes.

pets food 2

Onions and garlic are ok for humans provided that our body tolerates them as spice. They are not ok for dogs and cats because the substances making them spicy damage the pet’s stomach. Your doggy might like it’s burger with onion rings but you should not allow it this treat. The long term damages might break your heart in the end.

Macadamia Nuts are tasty and of course when you enjoy a cookie the temptation of sharing it with your dog is compulsive. You should not do that especially because these nuts contain a toxin that can cause gastro intestinal problems associated with vomiting and muscle tremor for your doggy.

Chicken bones are a tasty treat, but especially because they are fragile, many times they are swallowed whole without being chewed. This way they can get stuck in the dog’s throat and make it choke.

pets food 4

Xylitol is a compound of many sweet treats we people enjoy. We can find it in the chewing gum, vitamins and may types of candy.

What you should know is that it is actually acting as a poison for the pets and after consuming it they can get brain damage, liver failure or even die.


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