Stop Your Pet Suffering From Dehydration

During warm weather, your pets, like you, need a cool and shady spot to shelter from the daytime heat to avoid suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Here are few ways to prevent your pets suffering from dehydration:

Leave plenty of water

If you are going out during the day, make sure you leave at least two bowls of fresh cool water in your yard or in the house for your pet. Don’t forget to place them on a stable surface.

Force your pet to drink water or liquids slowly

If your pet is thirsty, s/he may try to swallow down the water voraciously. The problem is if he/she drinks too fast, your pet will certainly vomit and become even more dehydrated.

To prevent this, take your pet’s water bowl away after drinking for few minutes and then return the bowl for few more minutes. Another idea is to give him/her ice cubes or crushed ice to slow down.

Check body temperature

Use a rectal thermometer to take your pet’s body temperature. Make sure that it reads 100 – 102 degrees. Anything higher than this could be extremely dangerous for your pet. If you notice a higher body temperature, try soaking his/her body in water to lower the temperature.


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