Be Aware Of Pet Health Hazards At The Groomer’s

pet-groomingGrooming your pets is one of the best ways to bond with your pet and also very important for them to get used to it from an early age.

Your pets learn to see their routine brushing or trimming nails as an alternate source of affection and attention. If you have enough knowledge about pet grooming, you can try grooming at home. It is also possible to take your pet to groomer regularly. However there are certain hazards can occur at the groomer’s, even if by accident.

1. Self-Hanging

The biggest hazard to worry about is the hanging collar that groomers use to keep dogs (and sometimes cats) still while they cut their fur, said Bessler, senior emergency clinician at NYC Veterinary Specialist.

“Dogs can’t sit still,” he said. “It can be life-threatening. Sometimes dogs — or cats — will struggle and try to jump off the table. They are usually caught right away, but the way strangulation works, it only takes a second for the airway to be obstructed.”

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