Wet Food Vs. Dry Food – A Challenge For The Pet Owners

pet foodIf you have ever had a pet then you should know that there are many options available for food for your pet. Whether feline or canine, you can get food in dry or wet varieties. Even though it comes down to a combination of what is best for your pet, what your veterinarian says and personal preference, for some unknown reason, this debate rages on.

The wet food supporters claim that the dry food does not contain enough moisture for the pets that consume it. Well…if it does not contain enough moisture for the pets, maybe the water bowls that are generally next to the food bowls could compensate for the lack.

That being said pet owners should know there has actually been real money spent on the study of this very thing. So as it happens, there is enough moisture compensated for by the animals partaking from the previously mentioned water bowls.

Supporters of dry food claim that wet food does not help in the maintenance of the pets teeth. While this has more relevance to dogs than cats, it is still debated by owners of both species.

Amazingly enough there have also been studies done on this argument. The studies are relatively inconclusive in that different kinds of food have different effects on different species and not only that, but the teeth that are affected have different places inside the mouths of the pets.

As a conclusion of this theory, the older pets need moisture food while the younger a crunchier one but in the end we all know that pets can refuse to eat a certain food based on very different reasons not related to moisture.

You can also take into account the cost of the food for your pet. Dry food comes in larger quantities and may be more economical if you have a large pet or quite a few pets to feed. Wet food comes in small containers and therefore tends to be more expensive, still the option can be good for those with diminutive pets or even those with just one pet.

Pet food is actually more strenuously regulated in the United States than human’s food is. It’s true that this is hard to believe but people care more about what goes into their animals’ body than about what they eat for themselves.

That right there should show you that no matter what kind of pet food you choose to curb your pet’s appetite with, it will be good for them provided it contains the nutrients and elements to feed your pets and keep them healthy.


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