The Pros and Cons of Vegan Pet Chow

The veganism by itself is a current growing more popular everyday. If the people considered that the vegan food and lifestyle is the right way to go, having a vegan pet became the next thing on the vegan agenda.

The pet owner community and the vegan community might not see eye to eye on the matter but the concept of vegan pets seems to come more and more often into discussion.

Vegan Pet ChowThe international community, normally open minded towards the trends rolling over the pet world, presented a significant number of raised eyebrows to the idea of pets being forced to go vegan.

The vegan owners welcomed the idea based on the common concept that the pet chow is far from being as organic and natural as it is advertised. The vets supporting the vegan pet regime, state that this change in the pet’s diet could reduce the risk of cancer and kidney failure.

These diseases are both caused by the toxins present in the standard pet food which is normally packed with hormones and additives meant to enhance the meat flavor.

No matter how politically correct for the pets, the vegan lifestyle is not favored by the large pet owner community.

There are many voices saying that forcing a pet to become vegan is acting against its nature. The people against the vegan pet current talk about the nonsense of turning a cat, carnivorous by nature, into a vegan pet.

It seems that cats need taurine ( in the absence of which they can go blind or get a heart condition), which is exclusively found in meat. The vegan choice proposes using synthetic taurine replacements in the vegan cat food.

“Humane Choice” – the leading producer of vegan dog food states with pride that the products sold by them are exclusively organic and politically correct towards the environment and the animals.

However, the studies have shown that, the vegan food is packed with additional nutrients and vitamins which are supposed to supplement the lack of meat.

With so many synthetic addition, are we sure the vegan pet food is the best choice for our pets?


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