Royal Canin On The Lookout To Change Pet Diet

Obesity is fast reaching epidemic proportions in the country. Just as we are struggling with obesity, so are an increasing number of our pets. Our sedentary lifestyles are reflecting in our obese pets. Obesity leads to multiple health disorders in humans and their pets too.

A recent study conducted by Royal Canin Research Center, France has suggested new strategies for controlling obesity in pets specifically cats. They have studied the outcome of weight loss programs using innovative dietary strategies. The study also targeted the subjective reactions of owners in regard to pet diets. The idea was to make the owners amenable towards dietary strategies to make them a success.

The research evaluated three separate dietary strategies. The first (A) used an innovative high fiber dry ration, the second (B) used allocated portions of moist and dry foods and the third (C) recommended a commercial dry high fiber food measured with a cup. The energy allocation in all three diets was similar.

The weight loss in all three strategies was more or less the same but the subjective observations of the owners were different. The owners using diet A and B were satisfied with the diet plan, whereas the owners using diet C felt that it was insufficient and their satisfaction level was the lowest.


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