What To Do With Your Pets In A Flood Zone?

pet careIf you live in an area with a high risk of flooding you should take precautions to protect your pets. [Pet Safety]

If possible, it is advisable to have a plan in place so that in any situation you are well prepared.

Always ensure that your pet has up to date vaccinations and know where the records are kept. This should include kennel cough cover if you have a dog.

Make sure, if appropriate, your pet has a name tag, which includes its current license, and rabies tag.

It might be worth considering getting a micro chip implanted, a simple procedure that is relatively inexpensive.

As you prepare your action plan, do plenty of research including contacting the local shelter to see if they take animals in. If in doubt, consult your local veterinarian who will advise you more of emergency measures in your locale. Do not take anything for granted and do not make assumptions.

Keep photographs of your pet with any documentation, just in case. If you are in the habit of using a pet sitter while away, make sure they are aware of any emergency plans that you have in place. Take the time to sit down and talk everything through with them.

If flooding does occur, do not leave your pet outside, tied up or otherwise. Bring it indoors and if you have to evacuate, take it with you, or follow the plant, that it is what it is for. Do not panic and disregard the steps you have already put in place.


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