Training Your Pets To Stay Home Alone

alone at homeWe can’t always carry our pets all the time as much as we may want to and thus they have to get used to the concept of being left at home.

The basis is to create a sense of security when leaving your pet at home and this can easily be done by creating a routine when leaving so as to let your pet know that you are leaving and you will be back.

Your pet has to get used to you leaving and coming back.

When leaving, create a phrase that you say to your pet to ensure that it understands that you are leaving but most of all create a happy mood and don’t act like your leaving is the end of the world. [Pet Care]

Pat his head and exit in a very happy mood and return in the same mood by greeting it as warmly as possible.

When left alone pets are bound to get nervous and start chewing on something. Ensure that you leave a bone or his favorite chew toy to avoid torn clothes and chewed shoes. The chew toy also ensures that your pet does not get bored and become destructive.

To add to your pet’s comfort provide a blanket or just a comfortable place where it can retire when it wants to sleep.

Whatever you do never let your pet feel like you are neglecting its needs. There should be enough food  to sustain the pet until your return and water as well. [pet food]

This means that the pet potty should be within reach otherwise they will be a whole lot of cleaning when you get back. It is easier with cats as they have their preferred hidden places whereas dogs need to be taken out thus the potty comes in handy.

No one wants to be alone in a silent house with haunting sounds thus create happy sounds such that the house doesn’t get lonely and silent. Leave the radio or the television on and if your pet has a favorite show that he loves watching make sure you put that channel.

Soothing music is most recommended and not loud music. As much as it would drive any human being wide it would also bring out the worst in your pet.

As a last resort you can consider mood stabilizers. These are usually prescribed for those animals which are hyperactive or destructive when left alone and will help your dog endure the time spent in your absence. [Dog behavior]


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