Things That Can Stress Your Pets

petMost of us believe that animals are always running around without care in the world. This is not true; there are in fact a number of things that can stress your pet.

A wrong diet

The most important thing in your pet’s life is a proper diet. Unavailability of fresh pet food and clean water can have a very negative effect on your pet’s well being.

This will cause them to be dehydrated and have very low energy levels. Your pets can also end up scrounging dirty for dirty food. Make sure that your pet is fed a proper well balanced diet and there is plenty of water.

Conflict with other animals

Problems of other stray animals invading your pet’s space can also cause havoc to your pet’s stress levels. Some of these stray animals can actually be physically harmful to your pet.

Bites and scratches from stray animals may infect your pet with diseases. Some other animals may bully your pet making your pet’s life an unhappy one.

To make sure that this does not happen, have a fence or a wall around your house. Always look out for stray animals that might be lurking around your house.

Mischievous Kids

Some children have been known to be generally violent to animals. Be careful about how your children or their friends treat your pet. Some kids like to pull the tail of a dog or cat. [dog behavior]

Kids may playfully want to sit on your cat or dog.  This can actually cause your pet to be very unhappy. It is good to advise your children on how to treat animals or maybe give them a book to read on how to live with pets.

Wrong training techniques

When you train your pet, make sure you do not shout at it a lot. Shouting at the animal during pet training can actually make the progress a very slow one. This in turn stresses both you and your pet.

So when your pet does something wrong it is proper to use a very firm tone but not shouting. With time your pet will be able to distinguish your different tones.

Loud noises

Loud noises generally stress your pets. Always try to keep your voices down when you have a pet in the house. Teach your children to refrain from screaming and yelling.

Animals always tend to react negatively to loud noises and usually get scared by these noises. Things like fireworks are usually not advisable in an environment where there are pets as the loud bangs may frighten your pet.


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