The Right Steps To Get Rid Of Pet Flea Infestation

No matter how much we love our pets; all furry friends come carrying with unwanted pests of which fleas are perhaps the most annoying.

We might try our best to keep this problem away but we may find that the little annoying creatures are more resilient than our patience.

flea cycleFleas make themselves known especially in the summer when even the most shaded corners of our house and yard get hot.

Make no mistake thinking that there are absent the rest of the year because they are very much there, still the heat is a very powerful trigger factor making them want to feed even more.

The flea life cycle is extremely simple but in the mean time extremely fit for survival. Here is what you should know about fighting this common pet owner problem.

The adult flea infests the fur of our beloved pets and feeds on the animal. A female flea is able to lay eggs after feeding and each of them can lie over 600 eggs in its lifetime.

The eggs hatch in a very variable time span from days to weeks and the larvae resulted turn into pupae. In the pupae stage the flea can survive virtually anything since the shell is impermeable and most of the bug sprays do not penetrate it.

The pupae can stay dormant for weeks and hatch at the first sign of carbon footprint and warm blood activity. Once hatched, the adults begin again the cycle until the infestation becomes larger than you might imagine.

The good news is that with a smart strategy and some very useful tools you can save your pet, your house and yourself of these creatures that can make your life a living hell.

Vacuuming often can simply help you get rid of the most adult fleas you have in your house, provided you vacuum everywhere especially in the corners and spots where light does not reach.

A general wash-up is a good idea since it will remove the eggs and larvae. The next step is the house and pet treatment which is a very important step and done right it can solve your problem.

flea cycle 1

Make sure that when you spray chemicals in the house your pet is not exposed to them since most of them can make pets very sick or even kill them. The pets must be treated with specific products such as Frontline or Comfortis but it is better to ask a vet before applying the treatment.

The routine must be repeated at ten days and the effect will make itself known. If the steps are done right the problem will disappear for good.


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