Protect Your Pet Against The Winter Chill

Winter is about to come and the pet owners should provide some extra care for their outdoor pets.

winter chill

Pet Shelter

The chill weather is dangerous for any pet, so consider building a shelter for your outdoor pet.

In case you have a dog, the shelter is an absolute must, if you want to keep your dog safe. According to the recent statistic, the reason for most of the dog`s diseases is the fact that they are not provided with shelters to keep them out of the wind, rain and the snow.

dog houseThe shelter can be a wooden dog house or any building that provides enough space for your pet, but it should be equipped with several items.

At first, cover the ground in the shelter with a base layer. The base layer is usually dirt, which has to be covered with pile of straw.

The straw keeps the comfort and it works as isolation from the cold. The straw is also an inexpensive way to provide some isolation to the shelter.

A bale of straw is only $4 and you will probably need two or three. It is recommendable to change the straw each month.

In case you are still worried about your pet, you can provide the shelter with some extra wool blankets. They will keep your pet safe and warm in the winter.

Pet Food

dog foodThe food is also an issue for the outdoor pets in the winter. In case your dog has its schedule, you should increase the daily menu of your pet. This means you should provide some extra food each day.

This will keep their strengths during the winter, when their body tends to get exhausted.

Of course you shouldn’t provide too much food, because this will make your dog obese, but you should give enough food to your pet.

This is important, because its body will generate some extra body heat, which will help in the coldest days of the winter.

Feed twice a day your outdoor dogs, despite the fact that it may not eat it at the beginning.

Heated Water Dish

Another important care, when it comes to outdoor pets is the heated water dish. It is a must, especially in the winter months. This is necessary, because ice can form easily in a regular water dish and your pet will not be able to drink.

Hydrating your dog’s organism is one of the main cares in winter. Provide a heated water dish and check it 2-3 times a day. If there is an ice forming, change the water.


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