Pets and the Fear of Fireworks

It is a well-known fact that dogs fear fireworks. The pets get stressed by the noise and by the illuminations, so here are few holiday tips on how to avoid such a stress.

fireworksFirst of all, don’t take your pets to such events. If the fireworks are going to be near your home, find a quiet place for your dog.

Secure the puppy with a place, where no one will be around and the noise is not going to be so loud. If you are leaving your pet alone on New Year, simply draw the curtains and turn on the radio.

Try to isolate the noise from the fireworks with some relaxing CD or leave your TV switched on.

Even if your dog is in the yard, the burst of the fireworks can seriously stress it. Therefore, don’t leave the dog outside. Distract it with ball plays or some physical activity.

If your dog has already heard the fireworks outside, cuddle it for a while, in order to make it feel that there is nothing scary.

pets and fireworks

If you are away for the holidays, always leave your dog with friends or neighbors but make sure they find a quiet place where your dog can relax from the noise outside.


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