Massage Therapy For Pets

Just as people are turning to massage to treat their own ailments, many pet owners are also seeking holistic healing for various health problems for their animals.

Like humans, animals have thoughts, feelings, pains and aches, which is why massage therapy can provide as much comfort and health benefits for animals as it does for humans.

Benefits of massage

The soothing sensation of touch and the manipulation of muscles increase the overall sense of wellness in your pets. Massage therapy reduces stress and improves flexibility and movement of muscles in your pet.

Massage therapy for animals is not meant to be a substitute for regular veterinary care; rather it serves to complement traditional medicine.

It offers pain relief and healing therapy for elderly pets and provides love through touch to animals that have been abused by caretakers.

Negative aspects

Despite the many positive aspects of animal massage, there are a few situations in which it may not be an appropriate treatment for your pet.

For example, if your pet is suffering from infection, fever, open wounds, lumps and any immune disease, massage therapy is not likely to be beneficial.

Be careful that you don’t try to perform any massage therapy on your pet without proper guidance. Try to have it administered by a certified practitioner.


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