Can the Garden Be a Safe Haven for Your Pet?

Is there any pet in the world that wouldn’t like to go out and have some fun in the garden? But is it safe to allow them to? There are numerous measures you could take to make sure that they will be alright while they are outside. One of the greatest threats that there are, is that the pet could eat something that is bad for him, like something poisonous.

We hear all the time that the human food isn’t right for the pets, but there are some kinds of foods that not only are suitable for them, but they are extremely tasty too, and the best thing about them is that you could grow them in your own garden.

Pet Safe GardenWe have to start by saying that one of the greatest problems of pets in our days is obesity.

The problem starts with the fact that pet owners believe that the treats they offer to their cats and dogs must come in a box that is labeled ‘treat’. It’s not the label that matters.

It becomes a treat in case your pet likes it. This is why vegetables could also become treats for them. As an example, dogs usually like green beans, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, summer squash and cucumbers.

In case he doesn’t really like vegetables, you could also try fruits. If you happen to have fruit trees, you might try to offer your dog apples, peaches and plums.

Blueberries also represent a good option, and they are just the right size, even for the bigger dogs.

If you choose to offer your pets any kinds of fruits, you should never forget to remove the pits, as they could be dangerous for the health of the animals. Also in case of apples, the pits and the cores are known to be toxic.

Things seem to be easy with dogs, but when it comes to cats, things turn out to be a little trickier. Cats usually get used to cat food and other kinds of treats that come from our kitchen, but what could we offer them from our garden that they would actually like? The majority of cats really like catnip and also lemongrass.

There are also some cats that like broccoli or melons. Some of these little furry companions are crazy about mushrooms, and in case you are also a fan, you could buy some logs on which to grow your own edible mushrooms. Although this activity seems harmless, you should never grow wild mushrooms because they might turn out to be poisonous.

All in all, you should forget about all the treats that you usually buy in supermarkets or animals stores that are expensive, not to mention the fact that they are filled with preservatives to keep them fresh and good for a longer period of time. They could make the pet gain even more weight and their majority isn’t healthy for the animals at all. So, wouldn’t broccoli be better instead of them?


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